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Excelling at Chess Volume 2: Combination Play and Calculation

9781781944479 (EverymanChess)

In Volume 2 of Excelling at Chess ,we publish International Master Jacob Aagaard's Excelling at Combinational Play: Learn to Identify and Exploit Tactical Chances and Excelling at Chess Calculation: Capitalising on tactical chances. Being able to solve puzzles and combinations is one of the principal components of a successful chess player. But how can one improve on such an important skill? How can one acquire combinational vision? Aagaard explains how tactical intuition and ability develops and uses pattern recognition to improve the readers tactical ammunition. It is no secret that the continued practice of puzzles and combinations helps to sharpen the chess brain, and here there is a wealth of exercises and problems to solve accompanied by the full solutions and explanations. There are many differing opinions amongst the top players in the world of chess, but there is one thing upon which World Champions, Grandmasters and other experts all agree: the art of chess calculation is the absolute key to the success of a player. In Excelling at Chess Calculation, Aagaard tackles the subject matter head on, unravelling the many secrets behind chess calculation and arming the reader with the necessary tools to be able to calculate effectively at the chessboard. Aagaard pays particular attention to the searching practical questions like "when should you calculate?", "how can you discover candidate moves?" and "how long should you spend on critical moves?"

  Produkt máme skladem k okamžitému prodeji na prodejně nebo k zaslání přes e-shop.
Book Pub Date Mar 31, 2017
Book Pub Date (US) May 31, 2017
eBook Pub Date No
Format Paperback
Pages 384
ISBN 9781781944479
Author Jacob Aagaard
Updates No
Openings No
ePub No
Chess Viewer Yes
Kindle No

Parametry Excelling at Chess Volume 2: Combination Play and Calculation

  • Jazyk : Angličtina
  • Vazba : Brožovaná

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