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Improve Your Chess

9781781943922 (EverymanChess)

Improve Your Opening Play by Chris Ward
Improve Your Middlegame Play by Andrew Kinsman
Improve Your Endgame Play by Glenn Flear
These three titles, brought together for the first time in one volume, explain the important ideas behind every major opening, provide an understanding of the middlegame to the aspiring player and tips to all players wishing to improve their endgame play. Chris Ward unravels the secrets of the Sicilian, the mysteries of the Modern and the fundamentals of the French. He emphasises the need to understand the key elements of each opening rather than simply memorise a series of complicated variations which leave you stranded if the opponent varies from the expected route. Andrew Kinsman uses examples from practical play to develop tactical and positional skills and awareness to enable you to make the most of your opportunities in the middlegame. Glenn Flear explains the fundamental principles which must be mastered in the endgame. Taking examples from his own games and those of other players, he shows how drawn positions can be converted into victories and lost positions saved at the last moment.
Deals with every important opening
Explains the basic ideas of tactical and positional play
Provides numerous exercises for readers to test themselves
Explains the important principles of every type of ending
Easy step-by-step guide to better endgame play
Revolutionary layout to help readers absorb key ideasons covered include the popular King's Indian Attack, various Bb5 systems and weapons against Black's offbeat tries.

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More Information
Book Pub Date Mar 31, 2017
Book Pub Date (US) May 31, 2017
eBook Pub Date No
Format Paperback
Pages 448
ISBN 9781781943922
Author Chris Ward is a leading member of the current generation of English Grandmasters. His many successes include winning the 1996 British Championship, and is a well respected trainer and author of many best-selling chess books. Andrew Kinsman is an English International Master and former Everyman Chess editor. Grandmaster Glenn Flear is one of the most popular figures on the European tournament circuit. As the author of several popular books, he is renowned for his clear insights and lucid explanations.

Parametry Improve Your Chess

  • Jazyk : Angličtina
  • Vazba : Brožovaná

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